This blog is written by Kris and Kinna, who have been married since October 2015 and our son was born just before our first anniversary (September 2016). Kris is from Estonia and Kinna is Swedish by birth but grew up in different countries in Africa and as an adult has continued her nomadic existence. Currently we all live in England, which is now the country Kinna has resided in for the longest, 6 years and counting. The thing that keeps us here in a little town in England is our awesome church Amazing!Grace. 

Kris is an incredible musician, worship leader, computer programmer, and graphic designer. He has the eye of an artist and notices the details, at least on the things he is focused on. Kris might for example notice a slightly off beat in a song, or that a colour on a design needs to be a slightly different shade, but if I (Kinna) re-arrange the furniture it could take him days to realise.

Kinna is in many ways the complete opposite. I am a dreamer at heart always longing for an adventure. The details and practicalities in life often wear me down. My favourite pass times include being in the ocean, having long deep conversations, and drinking hot cups of earl grey tea. I also, to my detriment sometimes, love creating delicious food and I have always had a very sweet tooth.

Ultimately, as a family we want to make a difference. We want to see people come to know Jesus, and long for a revival to transform Europe and on to the rest of the world.