I have been feeling a bit bored with food options over the last few weeks, and at a loss for insipration. This might be partly due to an attempt to lose a little bit of weight and therefore recently joining slimming world. The boredom and new diet restrictions has forced me into being more creative with my shopping and later in the kitchen.

Last time a shoped I bought a couple of items I normally wouldn’t. I bought herb infused garlic cloves, thinking of my husband acctualy he loves stuff like that. However, to my suprise I also really liked them. I also bought honey flavour salmon flakes. These two purchases lead to the following pasta dish.


  • 2 portions Fusili shaped pasta
  • 1 onion
  • 5-10 Asperagus tops (I cut them into smaller peices)
  • one packet from Aldi honey salmon flakes
  • 5-10 herb infused garlic cloves
  • chives
  • rosemary
  • salt and pepper
  • 60 grams grated cheese

I boiled the pasta in salted water as per instructions on the packet. While that was boiling, I chopped the onion very finely, began to fry this in a couple of sprays of fry light. When the onion had gone soft and a little bit see through I added the asperagus bits. While that was frying I went into the garden and got some chives and rosemary, that I then choped into smal bits. I added the salmon, herbs, salt and peper. By this time the pasta had finished boiling and after draing I added into the pan with the other ingredients (I took the pasta off slighltly before done as it was going back in the heat and would continue to soften). Lastly I stirred int eh grated cheese allowing it to melt.

It was a nice light diner for a summery day. After we finsihed eating. I convinced my husband to go have an evening swim in the sea. He wouldn’t go in with me but, he watched and went for a romantic sunset walk on the beach after my swim. It was very refreshing.

I am sure I will make this recepie again, however the honey flavoured salmon is probably not the most cost effective. Instead I would probably just get plain salmon fillets, put some salt and peper on and fry them adding alittle bit of honey to the pan, and ones fried break them into flakes.